It is estimated that 20 to 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated across the globe each year and 70 per cent of it is shipped from countries all over Europe and North America landing in third world nations like Ghana.

The present situation of ‘e-dumping’ and its menace can be attributed to the lack of an appropriate framework to regulate their importation into the country

During the burning process of recovering copper, toxic fumes of heavy metals like hydrogen chloride, lead, magnesium etc are released into the atmosphere. E-waste workers suffer negative health effects through skin contact and inhalation, while the wider community are exposed to the contaminants through smoke, dust, drinking water and food.  

The Korle Lagoon, on which Agbogbloshie is situated, has extremely low levels of dissolved oxygen, a result of the activities on the dumpsite and uncontrolled quantities of domestic and industrial waste being emitted into the water. Studies indicate that the entrance to the lagoon is severely polluted and not suitable for primary or secondary contact, due to the large amounts of bacteria present. 

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